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Reading a very cliche book on recovery




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some facts & info on BPD

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It could have happened to anyone.


But the universe decided you were strong enough to live with this disorder. And now, you will not let it define you. 

It pulled you out of school. It drove friends away. It labeled you, “crazy.” But you will go back to school. You will appreciate the friends that stayed by your side. And you will educate those who still fail to understand that mental illness is just as serious as any other illness. 

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" An emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind. "

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Seriously though? This shaking that is apparently depakote shaking? Ugh, it annoying. And we don’t even know if it’s depakote shaking.

I mean, if it was actually a side effect it would have started back when I started it, right?

I mean, this could be from something else.

So I was sat on my CPN appointment and she noticed me shaking. I’ve been told that “it’s not a side effect that its manageable to live with” and that I need to call my psych to get a bed review

Really? These meds work, I am in control. There is no way I am coming off them because you decide I am shaking and its unliveable.

It’s annoying. But it’s bearable.


Anyone who has anything to say about CAMHS (experience wise) then message me now. Im writing about it and im hoping it’ll get published eventually to raise awareness of how terrible the treatment is. No names or descriptions of identification will be used. Or just reblog this ☺ thank you.


I turned up September 2012 after episodes of depression, told them I was overdosing on the anxiety meds my GP had prescribed on a regular basis, was on the verge of suicide and basically not coping, as well as episodes of not sleeping, irritability, high mood and well…abusing said anxiety meds cos it helped control the irritability.

I turned up for a second appointment, one my mother had to fight for because I skipped college and was feeling extremely suicidal, and was told there and then that I was “not sick enough”. After a lot of fighting, they agreed I only needed to attend six sessions of counselling with MIND and would pay for them, but no more. (I have nothing bad to say about MIND. They pretty much did CAMHS job). I received the assement review a few days later saying I was “worried about a transition into adulthood”.

Four months later, I end up in Accident and Emergency and signed off sick. Only difference is, I’m now 18, and old enough to be dealing with the adult mental health team. I get an assement through them. I later get told I have bipolar disorder.

Not only that, but I also get my full mental health record from them. There’s a massive comparison between what camhs wrote, and what cmht wrote. Not only that, but they lied on the assement.


I made this a while back to try and illustrate a point I was making about mental illness; I just ran across the file and thought it might be helpful to other people, too.

Caveat lector: I am not a trained mental health professional; this is based on my own experiences; this will not and is not intended to express the full range of moods experienced by people with mental illness or people without mental illness. 


I’m actually very upset today, I’m seeing so many people claiming to be Bipolar from their ‘symptoms’. They aren’t going to make any moves to seek actual professional help because they aren’t. It’s like they want to be mentally ill. It’s not trendy, it’s not fun. Get it together.

I’m never going to understand why anyone would want this. Ever. I’ve had it for two years and I feel as though I can’t handle anything and I never will be able to because every single mood will always screw something up. And in that time, I destroyed my life. Entirely.

So many people who don’t realize how serious bipolar is. Even the “milder” bipolar II.

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